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4castplus was developed - and is constantly being developed - with one thing in to make our customer's lives easier.  We understand the frustration that a user feels like they've hit a roadblock using a software package - and in a cost control software solution, there are going to be situations where a transaction will be denied when a 4castplus cost control kicks in.  So we're constant putting in notifications and alerts to help guide users in their use of 4castplus.  The following describes some of the notifications and alerts you might come across while using the product - and what they mean.

Resources missing Cost or Billing Rates

Periodically, as a Project Manager or Primary Contact, you may receive emails from 4castplus Support with the following information:

"You're receiving this email because a 4castplus user was unable to successfully enter one or more values on a timesheet. This occurred because of a missing cost or billing rate. Following are the details:

The following resources are missing rates."

  • The email notification will go on to identify the name of the resource, the resource role they are entering time under, the project they are entering time to and the cost or billing rate that they are missing.  This information is prompted whenever a timesheet user gets a notification that they are unable to input time due to a missing cost or billing rate.  It is a key cost control in 4castplus that billable time entered has both a cost and a billing rate set up for that rate type - without this control, it's completely possible that your resources could enter in their time and that time would not be captured for billing.  Or that a resource could enter in time and that time would never be costed against your project.  These controls are essential to provide you the peace of mind that your resource time is captured, costed and billed accurately and completely.  

"The project this user was trying to add time to did not have a project manager set."

  • Project Managers receive alerts and notifications about their projects.  As 4castplus is a web-based product, these notifications are delivered by email.  A resource can be set up as the Project Manager for a project, but without a valid email address, he or she won't receive critical notifications.  To ensure that someone in the company has received notification that a user is experiencing an issue, if the Project Manager for a project has not been set up, or has been set up but does not have an email address, the Primary Contact for the company is notified.  
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