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Configuration is where all of your company master data is created and managed - your Resources, Vendors, Customers, Tax Types, Rate Types, Rates, etc.   In addition to your master data, Configuration is where all of your company specific approval workflows, codes & custom fields are created.  This area of the system is accessible only to Administrators.  

Prior to setting up your Projects and getting ready for Timesheets and Procurement, you will need to set up your master data. 

  1. In Organization, set up your Company Profile, Cost and Workflow Preferences, Notifications and Period Close.  Create Departments, Customers and Tax Types.
  2. Many workflows in 4castplus allow you to configure your own data fields and the content for other data fields.  Manage Codes & Fields is where you will set up your company Cost Codes, Customer Billing Codes and a variety of other custom fields and data.
  3. In Manage Resources and Resource Classes, you will create the specific Resources and their Classes for your 4castplus account - Labor, Equipment, Materials, Services and Expenses. 
  4. Rates Administration is where you will define all of the units of measure, or Rate types for your Resources.  This is also where you will manage the Cost Rates and Billing Rates that are used in your project transactions.
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