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Custom Dashboard Charts provide the ability to create charts using a variety of metrics and formats.  Once created, the Charts are available for selection in the Project Dashboard.

  1. Open Projects
  2. Click the Custom Reports and Charts tab
  3. Click Custom Dashboard Charts.

Create Dashboard Chart

  1. Click New.
    1. Select the Type of Chart desired:  Bar, Column or Pie.

    1. Select the Data Set:  
      1. Project Summary or Project Details.  
    1. Check Share as Project Dashboard Report?  to make the report accessible to other users in the Project Metrics and Reports area on the Project Dashboard
    2. Enter Name and Description of Custom Report (required).  Both the Name and Description are displayed in the Project Metrics and Reports.

Once you have the Data Set to use for your Report, the Name and the Description, you'll then select the data fields that you want to include in your report.

  1. Field Name will list the data field name.  Select the data fields for your report.
  2. Field Label allows you to enter your specific label for the Field Name.
  3. Field Description provides you with definitions of the Field Name and how it is calculated.
  4. Field Format provides you with information on the format of the data field (text, currency, date field, etc.)
  5. Drag and drop your data fields into the desired order for your report.

  1. Under the Properties section in the left-hand panel, click Projects.
    1. Check the Projects that you wish to provide Custom Dashboard Report or check the Include All box to make available to all projects. 

  1. Click Save and Close to return to the Reports screen

Project Summary Data Fields

The following data fields are found in the Project Summary Data Set:

Data Field NameData Field Description
Actual CostActual Costs from Timesheets + Receiving from Procurement + Direct To Invoice + Vendor Invoice Matching + Adjustments
Actual Labor HoursActual Labor Hours from Timesheets + Receiving from Procurement + Vendor Invoice Matching + Adjustments

Run the Custom Dashboard Report

Once your Dashboard Report is created, you can Run it in the Designer area to preview what the report will look like on the Dashboard.

  1. Click Run
  2. Click Select Project and select a project from the tree.
  3. Select your From Date and To Date for your project data.
  4. Click Run

A preview of your Dashboard Report will be provided to you, with the data fields and summarization options that you selected.

Select the Custom Dashboard Report in Project Dashboard

Once your Dashboard Report has been shared with your Project, you can select it for inclusion on your Project Dashboard.  Once selected, it will be remain on your Dashboard, for each Project that the Report has been shared with.

  1. Click Projects and select project.
  2. On the Dashboard, scroll to the Project Reports.  
  3. Click Manage Dashboard Reports.

  1. Under Select Custom Charts and Reports, check the Report.

  1. Click Save and Close.  The Report will now be loaded onto your Dashboard. 

Whenever you load a new Report or Chart onto your Dashboard, they will be located at the bottom of your Dashboard.  

  • Drag and drop the Report in the Dashboard location that you desire
  • Resize the Report by dragging the lower right corner of the Report

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