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Working with Estimates and Progress Measurements


Best Practice Estimates and Forecasts

Establishing complete and accurate estimates is key to ensuring projects are profitable. You can achieve this by including all project tasks and sub tasks to ensure estimates are complete. Once you have identified all project tasks and sub tasks in the project WBS, estimate the cost of all tasks and sub tasks.

Using current rates for all identified resources ensures the estimate is an accurate representation of the total project costs.

Creating and managing your Estimates and Forecasts is easy.  Once you have configured your resources and cost rates for estimating, the next step is to create your Estimate and get started!  

  1. Creating and Managing an Estimate
  2. Edit the Estimate profile
  3. Estimate Worksheet
  4. Resource Estimator
  5. Baseline the Estimate
  6. Create a Progress Measurement

View an Estimate

There are two ways to view an Estimate:  

  1. Select a project from the Projects menu.
  2. Select the Estimates tab.
  3. Click Open Estimate.
  4. Select the estimate you wish to view. 


From within the Estimate Profile screen:

  1. Click on Open Estimate.
  2. Select the estimate you wish to view.

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