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Every project has miscellaneous expenses that aren't classified as labor, equipment or materials, such as travel and expense reports.  The Expenses Timesheet lets you include these types of miscellaneous expenses in your project costs.

To enter expenses:

  • Click on Timesheets.
  • Select the Expenses tab.  The Expenses timesheet appears. 

  • Select a date on the calendar in the left column.
  • Click Add Tasks and the Select Project Tasks window appears.
  • Select the Resource Class that you will be inputting the expense under

Why does my Resource Class show up for an Expense item?  All transactions in 4castplus need to be associated with a Resource Class.  The Expenses Timesheet is defaulted to the Resource Classes that have been set up in your profile.

  • Select a task from the project task list. ï»¿You only see projects that you have been assigned to.
  • Click Add to Timesheet (to add another task) or Add and Close.
  • Enter a Description.
  • Enter a Code (optional).
  • Select the Date on the expense receipt.
  • Check the box If the expense is a Third Party Direct cost.
  • Enter the Cost. The sum of all expenses appears at the bottom of the Cost column.
  • If you wish to bill out the Expenses including a mark up, input the mark up %.
  • The Total Billable will automatically calculate, using the information provided in the Cost and Mark up % fields.  You can override the Total Billable; the mark up % will update to reflect the calculated mark up %.
  • Click Save or Submit. The timesheet displays Saved or Submitted, with a date stamp, in the top-right corner.
    • Save: Your timesheet data is included in reports, and you or a Timekeeper can continue altering it.
    • Submit: Once you submit a timesheet, you can no longer edit it.

I made a mistake on my Expenses Timesheet and Submitted it!  Your Project Manager Pro can unsubmit the timesheet for you. You can then edit the timesheet and resubmit.

I need to edit my Expenses Timesheet but it has been invoiced to a customer.  Once a timesheet has been invoiced to a customer, it's status will change from Saved to Submitted.  And, it can't be unsubmitted. Any adjustments that need to be made must be done on another week's timesheet.

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