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Getting started with 4castplus involves three steps:

Step 1: Configure your Company information

The first step in 4castplus is to configure your company information. The more detail you provide now, the more time you will save creating and estimating projects, entering and managing timesheets, creating quotes, and preparing invoices.  Follow the steps below, in order, to set up your account:

  1. Create your Company Profile.
  2. Define your Company Preferences on Work Weeks, Timesheet Approvals and Banked Time.
  3. Add Departments.
  4. Add Customers.
  5. Create Tax Types.
  6. Create Cost Codes.
  7. Create Terms & Conditions/Disclaimers for your documents in Custom Properties
  8. Set up the data to be used in your Procurement projects.
  9. Create Rate Types.
  10. Import/Add Labor Resources and Resource Classes.
  11. Import/Add Equipment and materials resources.
  12. Import/Add Vendors.
  13. Enter Cost rates for your resources.
  14. Import/Create Billing Tables for your billable projects....

...and other information you'll discover you may want to set up for your company account.

Step 2: Set up your Projects

The next step is to enter project information:

  1. Create a Project.
  2. Create your project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  3. Create your project Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS)
  4. Assign labor and equipment resources, set up expenses for your labor and assign roles to your project staff.
  5. Create your Baseline estimate.
  6. Issue your customer Quote.
  7. Set your project to In Progress....and Go!

Step 3: Go!


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