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Whether your labor costs are employee labor costs, or contractor/sub-contractor costs, there are a variety of ways to enter these costs into your project.  For internal labor costs, you can choose either the My Timesheet form or the Time Keeper form.  For contractor labor costs, you can use either of these forms (depending on whether your contractors are set up to access 4castplus) or you can use the Contractor Invoice Entry form.  

Choose the method that works best for your project, and your business process.  Either way, all of your labor costs will be captured to provide key reporting and metrics like total labor costs by project, total contractor costs, resource utilization and productivity, and more. 

My Timesheet

My Timesheet is exactly as it sounds - your employees and contractors can enter their time directly into 4castplus.  All that is required for this is to update your employee and contractor labor resource settings with their own unique email, ensure they have a cost rate set up and access to the project (see Manage Labor Resources for more information).  After updating, they will receive log-in information and be able to log into 4castplus and enter in their own time.

Time Keeper

Alternatively, if your business process is to enter in timesheets on behalf of labor resources - either employee or contractors - you will use Time Keeper to enter in their time.  The Time Keeper can view all projects that are In Progress and all labor resources that have been assigned to that project.

Third Party Expenses

Contractor Invoice Entry can be used to efficiently record contractor costs, in a familiar invoice format.  There is no need to pre-configure your contractors' unit rates, simply enter in the rate type and the total cost in the Invoice Entry Form.  In the Contractor Invoice Entry Form, you will see all Contractors that have been set up in 4castplus, and the projects to which they are linked to.

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