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A Role is any user-defined function for any labor resource on a project.  A potential example of a Role could be, “Project Administrator”, “Expeditor”, “Timesheet Approver”, “Field Technician”, etc. These roles are used in defining the routing sequences for approvals workflows.

Roles are only applied to Labor resources. Roles differ from labor classes in that they’re only used to define a function on the project OBS, or an assignment to a workflow sequence - they have no cost or billable values.  Certain roles have been pre-defined so that logic can be built around these roles, for approvals and workflow design.  Any number of user-defined roles can be added as well.

In the Manage Roles area you will create and manage all of your labor roles.  Labor Roles are used in various workflows in 4castplus, such as:

  • Approval of Jobsite Timesheets
  • Approval of Labor Timesheets
  • Approval of Purchase Orders
  • Approval of Change Orders
  • Approval of Customer Invoices
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