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There are two ways to enter in your materials expenses - the Materials Use Timesheet and the Materials Invoice Entry.  Choose the method that works best for your project, and your business process.  Either way, all of your material expenses will be captured to provide key reporting and metrics like average cost by supplier, total materials cost by resource or class, and more. 

Materials Use Timesheet

The Materials Use Timesheet allows you to quickly enter in the material quantities used in your project, similar to the Labor and Equipment timesheets.  Using the Materials Workticket is ideal for projects where your material rates have been negotiated, and you have set up those resources and rates in Configuration.

Materials Invoice Entry

Materials Invoice Entry can be used to efficiently record new materials resources and new rates, in a familiar invoice format.  Using the Invoice Entry allows you to quickly enter in your materials invoices, similar to a traditional accounts payable input format.

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