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The Procurement module of 4castplus allows you to manage your Vendor Contracts, complete your Purchasing, Expediting & Receiving activities and manage your Vendor Accruals.  

  1. In Requisitions, import or create your Purchase Requisition.  Or in Estimating, transfer your project Estimate items to a Purchase Requisition.
  2. Modify or Add PO Items on to your Requisition.
  3. If Bidding:
    1. Create Request for Quote (RFQ)
    2. Add PO Items to a RFQ
    3. View, edit and print a RFQ.
    4. Issue RFQ for Bid, with option to:
      1. Issue Bid via Portal
    5. Extend Bid, if required
    6. Perform RFQ Bid Analysis
    7. Award Bid to Vendor
  4. Create Purchase Order (PO)
    1. Add PO Items to a PO
    2. View, edit and print a Purchase Order.
    3. Create a Cash Flow Plan 
    4. Define Advance Payments and Retainage
    5. Commit a Purchase Order.
    6. Edit and/or Revise a Purchase Order.
  5. Expedite the Purchase Order.
  6. Record Receipts on the Purchase Order.
  7. Record Vendor Invoices on the Purchase Order.


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