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The Project Dashboard is designed to give you a real-time snapshot of your project performance, along with key metrics and interactive reports on your project.  The Dashboard is customizable by you - you choose the Project Metrics, Pre-Built Reports and Custom Dashboard Reports that you want to see on your Dashboard.

These project metrics provide you with valuable knowledge such as:

  • how your overall project is performing
  • if your project is on budget
  • how much cost and revenue has been generated on a real-time basis
  • what your margin currently looks like
  • your expected project results, based on current performance

Because these metrics are dynamic (they change as the project progresses), they are critical for giving you a snapshot of how your project is doing at any point in time.

The Project Dashboard shows summary information in four sections:

  1. Project Profile
  2. Project Dashboard Metrics and Quick Reports
  3. Project Activity
  4. Project Detail Report
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