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The Project Manager's Dashboard provides both a visual and reporting reference for 'what's the status - what needs to be done today?'.  In this user-driven feature, you design your preferred layout and select which reports and metrics are critical for you to stay on top of.  

Customize the Dashboard

The Dashboard is visible as soon as you select the Projects component on the blue bar.  Now, let's look at how you can set up your Dashboard.

  1. Select from a variety of filters to view and report on the information that is critical to you, or leave unfiltered to see all information.  
  • Project Manager
  • Program
  • Project
  • Approver

  1. Once your filters have been selected, select Update to apply filters.  The Charts and data in the Dashboard will refresh with updated data.  If you wish to revert the Dashboard to an 'show me all' view, click on Clear Filters.

        2. Once you have your data in the Dashboard, you can further customize the Charts and panels to display exactly what you want to see.  In the Charts area, if you don't wish to see one of the Workflow                     Statuses in the chart, simply click on the button on the left of the Workflow to suppress its display in the Chart.


       3. Next, you can choose which Widgets you would like to see displayed in the Dashboard, reposition and resize to exactly how you want to see it.  

    • Select Manage Widgets.  Select or de-select the Widgets to appear in the Dashboard.
    • Select Save and Close or Cancel.

       4.  To reposition the Widget, simply grab it and move it to the desired area.  Resize the Widget by grabbing the re-sizer in the lower right hand corner of each Widget.




In addition to the Approval Bottleneck Details and Billing Status Details that are visible in the Dashboard, you can generate a pre-formatted Excel report.

  1. Select Approvals Bottleneck Report or Billing Status Details Report.

Express Approvals

The Dashboard is designed to provide you not only with insight into the Approval status of your My Timesheet and Jobsite Timesheets, but also provides you with an 'express' Approval function, to approve the Timesheets that are Pending your Approval.  The standard Approval workflow for Labor and Jobsite Timesheets is also available in Approvals.

  1. Click on the My Timesheet or Jobsite Timesheet to view the underlying details.  Once viewed, close the Timesheet to return to the Dashboard.  
  2. Select the Timesheets to be approved.
  3. Select Approve Selected in the Dashboard.  


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