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Labor and Equipment Resources

Labor and equipment resource assignments can be managed within the Projects component itself.  This allows the Project Manager to manage all the labor and equipment resources required for his project in one area - you can view all of the resources that are available and manage your assignments at the project level.  

When a Labor Resource is assigned, by default they will be assigned to all work packages in the project.  They can then be unassigned, or re-assigned back into a work package, in the Project WBS > Resource Assignments workflow.

For example, Jane may be an available resource in the Site Supervision department for ABC Project.  If the Project Manager determines that she is not required for this project, she can be de-selected in the Project Resources tab and made unavailable as a resource for this project.  She will not be included in the Labor resources in the Detailed Task Estimate nor will she be able to see this project on her timesheets.

To select or deselect a resource for assignment within a project:

  1. Select a Project from the project tree.
  2. Click the Resources tab.  
  3. Click the Labor or Equipment tab. The screen information will automatically display all resources that have been assigned to this project. 
  4. If you wish to unassign a labor or equipment resource from your project, de-select that resource.  
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you wish to assign view and assign additional resources for your project, select Show All Labor or Equipment Resources to view a list of all resources.
  7. Select the desired resource from the list.
  8. Click Save

Will de-selecting a labor resource unassign that person from their department?

When a labor resource is de-selected in the Project Resources screen, that resource has not been "unassigned" from its Department.  De-selecting a resource within the Project Resources screen does not affect its department assignment, only its ability to view the project on a timesheet.  In addition, the resource will not be available for estimating within the Task Calculator.

Are resources automatically assigned to my project?

If a resource is used in the project estimate, they will be automatically included as a resource in the project. As well, the Project Manager will always be automatically assigned to the project and cannot be unassigned unless removed as the Project Manager.



Project Organizational Structure

The Project Organizational Structure allows you to identify individuals in specific roles in your project.  In some 4castplus workflows, such as Procurement, the individuals selected for these roles are also displayed in specific workflows, such as RFQ or Purchase Order Management.  

Let's take a look at the roles:

  1. Project Manager: defaults from Project Details screen
  2. Project Engineer: will display all resources with a Project Manager Pro or Plus license profile
  3. Estimator Lead: will display all resources assigned to project
  4. Quote Preparation Lead: will display all resources assigned to project
  5. Procurement Lead: will display all resources with a Procurement Plus profile.  In Attached Procurement, when a Purchase Requisition Document (PRD) is submitted, this project role will receive an automated notification.
  6. Expeditor: will display all resources with a Procurement Plus profile
  7. Invoicing Lead: will display all resources assigned to project
  8. Project Invoicing Contact: is user-created and will display in Project Billings

To view the Project Organizational Structure:

  1. Select your project from the Project menu.
  2. Select the Resources tab.
  3. Select the Project Organizational Structure tab.


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