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Third Party Expenses allows you to enter information from your vendor invoice - contractor or supplier, invoice number, comments, total cost, taxes and total billable (if applicable).  The Entry screen is set up to display a week at a time, similar to Timesheets.  Once a week has been selected, you can enter in multiple vendor invoices for that week.

Entering Third Party Expense Information

  • Select the Third Party Expenses tab.  
  • Select a date in the calendar.  

The Third Party Expenses workflow allows you to create the Vendor Invoice and then add in the individual line items from your Vendor Invoice, if desired.

  • Click on the Vendor drop-down and select a *Vendor from the list.  
  • Select the Item Type - Services, Equipment or Materials.  If the selected Vendor has been configured with a single Item Type in the Vendor record, the Item Type field will not appear for selection and will default to the configured Item Type.
  • Enter in the *Document # (required).  Note:  Document # is unique per Vendor.  If the Document # has been entered for this Vendor previously, you will receive an alert re: Duplicate Document # upon Save.
  • Select the *Work (Invoice) Date.
  • Select the *Project and *Work Package (and Change Order, if applicable) from the project tree on the right - your selections will automatically appear.  
  • Enter Description (optional).
  • Enter External Comments (optional).  External Comments will appear in customer invoicing on billable transactions.
  • Select the *Unit of Measure.
  • Enter the *Quantity and the Unit Cost of the invoice
  • Select the Billing Option:  Cost Plus, Mark-up Only, No Charge or Pass Thru.  
    • Cost Plus:  select the mark-up%.  
    • Mark-up:  select the mark-up%
  • Cost will be calculated from the Quantity and Unit Cost.  Updating Cost will recalculate the Unit Cost of the transaction.
  • Billable will be calculated from the Quantity, Unit Cost and Billing Option.
  • Click Add to add the vendor line item to the Invoice in the grid.  The input screen will clear to allow you to add the next vendor line item to the invoice.
  • Enter the information for the next line item.   Click Add to add the next line item into the Vendor Invoice in the grid.
  • To update an existing line item, select it in the grid.  The information entered will be presented in the input screen.  Edit the information and then click Update.  The line item will be updated with the edited information.
  • To clear the line item information from the input screen, select the line item and click Clear.  You can then enter in the vendor line item information and click Add to include as a separate line item in the grid.

Adding new Third Party Expenses 

You can continue to add new Vendor Invoices, and vendor line items, into the Third Party Expenses timesheet by changing the Vendor Name and inputting the required information.  After you click Add, the new Vendor Invoice and transaction will be added into the grid.



How do I enter a Credit Invoice?

Credit Invoices are entered the same way as Invoices - in the Total Cost field, you will enter in the amount of the credit you wish to record.

Saving, Submitting and Deleting Third Party Expenses
  • Click Save to save the edited information.
  • Click Submit.  
  • To delete a transaction, click on the X to the left on the transaction line.  After the last transaction has been deleted for a Vendor Invoice, it will be deleted as well.

Similar to Timesheets, you can continue to enter and edit Third Party Expenses for any week, provided that you have not Submitted the week.  Once a Third Party Expense week has been submitted, it is no longer available for editing.  


Submitted your Third Party Expense week in error?

Your Administrator can unsubmit a week for you. You can then edit any invoices entered for that week and resubmit.  

Need to edit Invoice but it's been charged out to a customer?  If a customer invoice has been generated, and your contractor labor costs have been included on that invoice, the Invoice Week is automatically "Submitted" and can't be unsubmitted.  If you need to edit an invoice for that particular day or week, you will need to enter in an adjustment in the Adjustments workflow. 

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