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4castplus offers you a variety of ways to enter your cost information - either using resources and rates which have been pre-configured (Timesheets), or entering in supplier and contractor invoices directly into 4castplus (Invoice Entry).  The flexibility in cost entry methods allows you to choose the method that best applies to your project.

For each of the major cost components in your project - Labor, Equipment, Materials and Expenses - there is a cost entry format that will work for you.

  1. My Timesheet: enter your own time into a project.
  2. My Timekeeper: enter time into projects on behalf of other labor resources.
  3. Invoices/Commitments - Contractor Invoice Entry: enter contractor invoices into your project
  1. Equipment Timesheet: enter in your equipment usage using pre-configured equipment resources and rates.
  2. Invoice Commitments - Equipment Invoice Entry: enter in your equipment supplier invoice information.
  1. Materials Use Timesheet: enter in your materials usage using pre-configured material resources and rates.
  2. Invoice Commitments - Materials Invoice Entry: enter in your materials supplier invoice information.
  1. Record received quantities against your Committed Purchase Order items.
  1. Enter in miscellaneous expenses.
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