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The project structure, or work-breakdown structure (WBS), is the hierarchy of your project phases and workpackages, tasks or activities, that represent your overall project plan.  Your WBS is integral to your project workflows in 4castplus:

  • the basis of your project estimate, allowing you to estimate at either the work package level, or at a more detailed level, the work package resource estimate level.  
  • displayed on timesheets for resources to enter transactions against.  
  • many reports in 4castplus are built upon your project WBS.

In the WBS tab, you will be able to:

  • Define your project structure
  • Import your project schedule using the Primavera P6 Import/Sync, the Microsoft Project App Link or the importable Excel workflow
  • Assign cost codes to your workpackages
  • Define user-specific Views for your WBS

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