The 4castplus QuickBooks Integration includes the following export workflows:

Updating Labor Profiles - Permissions

The App Link Export workflows are permissioned workflows.  To set up a labor resource with access to the App Link Export workflows:

  1. Open the Labor Resource - Permissions tab.
  2. Select the QuickBooks App Link – Billing or Payroll permission.
  3. Select Save and Close or Cancel.

Download the App Link

The first step in the workflow is to download and configure the QuickBooks App Link.  

The 4castplus QuickBooks App Link is an add-on paid feature and must be enabled for your company account in order to access this feature. Should you wish to use the QuickBooks App Link, please contact for more information.

 Open Business Intelligence.

  1. In the lower-left corner of the Business Intelligence tree, click on QuickBooks App Link.   


Can't see the QuickBooks App Link? Access to the App Link is a permissioned feature - check with your Administrator that you have been enabled with the QuickBooks Integratation permission.

       3. After clicking on the App Link, a download screen will appear.  Click on Save File.

      4. Click on jAppLinkQuickBooksSetup.exe to download the App Link file.


     5.   Click on Run.


6.  The 4castplus App Link - QuickBooks Setup Wizard will appear.  Click on Next to start the installation process.


7.  Once the App Link has finished installing, click on Finish.

Configure the 4castplus QuickBooks App Link

Once the App Link has completed installing, a short cut to the App Link will appear in your Windows Program menu.


  1. Click on the 4castplus App Link - Quickbooks link.  The next screen you will see is the App Link log-in.

Let's take a look at the fields in the Log In screen:

  1. Website: choose either the Production or Training website.  Production is the company account that your live data and reports are recorded in.  Training is your company training account, where you can "practice" and self-train on 4castplus and its components.
  2. Email Address: enter the same email address that you use to access your 4castplus account
  3. Password: enter the same password that you use to access your 4castplus account
  4. Click on Log In to open the App Link.